Fremantle Line: Transperth Trains Live Departure Boards for N900 and Ubuntu

Posted on Sat 16 January 2010 in Maemo • Tagged with fremantle line, gtk, maemo, nokia n900, perth, python, transperth

I have been playing around with pygtk (python and GTK), and have managed to come up with something resembling an app to provide live departure times for Transperth trains:

Perth Train Departure Board

I've named "Fremantle Line" after Maemo 5's codename, Fremantle. It is also the destination of one of Perth's 5 train lines.

It also works in portrait mode:

It is primarily intended for the Maemo 5 platform on the Nokia N900, but will also run under Ubuntu:

Still needs plenty of work, but I am finding it quite useful while out and about in Perth.

Configuring iiNet VOIP (iiTalk) on the Nokia N900

Posted on Sat 26 December 2009 in Maemo • Tagged with iinet, maemo, nokia n900, voip

iiNet VOIP iiTalk N900

I just succeeded in configuring iiNet's VOIP service (I get iiTalk free with my DSL connection) on the Nokia N900 mobile phone. One of the many great features of the N900 is that it has completely integrated support for Mobile, VOIP, Skype, and Google Talk calls - you can make and receive calls on these services just like a usual mobile call, straight from the address book.

This now means I can use iiTalk from my handset, rather than using a headset hooked up to my desktop computer.

For reference, here are the settings I configured on the phone:

Remember you will also have to configure port forwarding to the IP address of your phone on your wifi network - read iiNet's documentation for details.

iiNet VOIP iiTalk N900 Settings #1
  • User name: {your iiNet VOIP phone number}
  • Password: {your iiNet VOIP password} (it's different to your broadband password)
iiNet VOIP iiTalk N900 Settings #2
  • Use for telephone numbers: Checked
  • User name: {your iiNet VOIP phone number}
  • Transport: UDP
  • Outbound proxy: sip.{state}
  • Port: 5060
iiNet VOIP iiTalk N900 Settings #3
  • Discover public address: Checked
  • Loose routing: Unchecked
  • Keep alive mechanism: REGISTER
  • Keep-alive period: 2 minutes
  • Auto-detect STUN: Unchecked

Nokia N900

Posted on Fri 25 December 2009 in Maemo • Tagged with cli, maemo, nokia n900, python, ubuntu

I recently received my N900 (it had to be forwarded on to me in Australia from the UK) - and it's easily the best phone i have ever used. Maemo 5 rocks, and its amazing to be running this kind of software on a device like this.

The web browser is fantastic (based on the gecko backend) - I've composed all of this post on the device using the standard wordpress backend.

Seems to work fine with Ubuntu as well - it shows up as a mass storage device and a GSM connection when I connected it to my machine with USB.

I have been attempting to improve my python skills, so maybe I'll attempt to create some simple python and gtk apps.